I am being treated for overall well being.  Sometimes for better sleep, better periods, TMJ, aggravation and migraine headaches.  One of my children is a cardiac patient.  He needed better circulation for his heart and a boost for his overall immune system.  I bring both of my children in when they are under the weather.  I take them in to shorten their colds.  We love seeing Candace.  She and the office staff feel like family.  Joanne has also helped with needed essential oils for the family.  I am happy it is a part of our integrated health.  Tapping into all resources is beneficial.


I feel 100%!!! Amazing! No more swelling and I can walk! I’m a believer! I had only one appointment!!! I am sending my ex sister in law. She had a massive stroke 2 years ago. It took away her ability to speak and has muscle spasms on the right side. I am sending your card to her.

Thank you again!

For those of you who do not believe, acupuncture really works!!!

Thank you for ALL you have done to help get us back into “balance” and “pain free”.

I had three visits. I have had headaches every day for three years. I just wanted to thank you for making a huge difference in my everyday life. I DO NOT miss my headaches. The office is very friendly. The service is excellent and treatments are effective immediately. I will recommend your practice to others.

Joanne, thank you for your essential oil custom blend. My legs have not looked this good in years. The varicose veins have dramatically improved. I am looking forward to wearing summer clothes.