Because of you, I am closer to being whole and well again. I never thought that I would be able to feel better naturally.  You have made that possible for me.  God Bless.

I had a fat foot, the left. It was gross and nobody could tell me why.  I went to the doctor and first we checked the veins in my leg.  They did a Doppler study and said my veins were ok, they’ve seen worse (thanks).

Then they decided to check my heart, so I had a stress test.  My heart is healthy and strong (thank God).

So then since it’s only my left foot, and not the other one, they thought maybe it has to do with my left knee, which isn’t great.  I’m sixty, I have some arthritis, maybe its swelling and the swelling is going down my leg from my knee.  Hmm, so what can I do?  They gave me water pills.  I’m not blaming the doctor for any of this, so I researched.  I checked my kidneys they are great, thank God. So I decided to live with an incredibly swollen and ugly, albeit not painful, left foot.

I’ve been going to Candace for a long time.  I never mentioned my foot, because what could acupuncture do for my foot.  But since it started blossoming into a new level of ugly, I complained, ok I whined a bit, and she listened to me.  She asked me if I wanted to try cupping and maybe bleeding it.  She had bled me once before after my meniscus tear surgery and wow did that help it heal.  It was awesome.  So honestly, I was game for anything, but wasn’t thinking anything could really help with my foot.

The first time she both cupped and bled my ankle and lower leg, 95% of the swelling was gone.   I took a picture; I haven’t seen my metatarsal tendons in years. I go for acupuncture because it really helps me stay healthy.  I am an almost monthly tune-up person.  At my next visit about a month later, some of the swelling started to return, so we did it again.  I had an ankle, well as much of an ankle as I ever have, it has been incredible.  I’ve lived with ugly legs all my life, but the grossly large foot was really depressing because I’m active and healthy.  The fat foot was contrary to my lifestyle and personality.  I’m really so incredibly happy with the results.  The skin on my leg has improved, too.  It now has a much healthier color and texture.

Over my life, Candace has helped me beat migraine headaches, helped with a really painful back, and she took care of my husband after a devastating motorcycle accident.  She helped my daughter be healthy with polycystic ovary syndrome.  Acupuncture can help you heal and help your general wellbeing.  It truly relieves pain and apparently swelling of unknown origin.

I believe acupuncture is an art.  Not all acupuncturists are gifted at their craft.  Candace is undoubtedly a healer and I am incredibly thankful to her. So don’t believe me, look at my pictures.  My leg is still ugly, but it’s healthy and strong. Thank you, Candace Jania of ACRH-now, could we get to work on the ugly? Lol!

I am being treated for overall well being.  Sometimes for better sleep, better periods, TMJ, aggravation and migraine headaches.  One of my children is a cardiac patient.  He needed better circulation for his heart and a boost for his overall immune system.  I bring both of my children in when they are under the weather.  I take them in to shorten their colds.  We love seeing Candace.  She and the office staff feel like family.  Joanne has also helped with needed essential oils for the family.  I am happy it is a part of our integrated health.  Tapping into all resources is beneficial.


I feel 100%!!! Amazing! No more swelling and I can walk! I’m a believer! I had only one appointment!!! I am sending my ex sister in law. She had a massive stroke 2 years ago. It took away her ability to speak and has muscle spasms on the right side. I am sending your card to her.

Thank you again!

For those of you who do not believe, acupuncture really works!!!

Thank you for ALL you have done to help get us back into “balance” and “pain free”.